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Innovative Solutions for Gymnasium Flooring

At Court-Side Equipment, we are on a mission to redefine gymnasium flooring with our top-tier, expert-designed equipment. Backed by our hands-on industry experience, we've crafted a range of products that ensures quality and performance. From installation to refurbishment, our offerings are tailored to meet and exceed the demands of the most intricate gym flooring projects.

Our Game-Changing Equipment Lineup

Straight Edge Kit

Complete Kit
The small spacer cubes are 1/8″ above the floor. When rolled over a high spot or through a low spot, the cubes catch the floor and stop the straight edge.

Kit attached to a 10 ft piece of aluminum
(Aluminum not included)

Once assembled this is the bottom side of the straight edge.

$395 + $25 Shipping Fee

Portable Straight Edge

The portable straight edge comes with 9 2ft sections and 2 1ft sections.

When combined it makes a 10ft straight edge.

Carrying case breaks down into a small bag for easy transportation.

$695 + $100 Shipping Fee


We have a VERY limited supply of completly rebuilt
American Twelve Sanders with upgraded Power boxes and handles.

Call for details:
(406) 303-0304, Or (307) 699-4734

Engineered by Flooring Experts, For Flooring Experts

Court-Side Equipment was born from a collective passion for gymnasium flooring excellence. Leveraging years of direct industry experience, our staff has harnessed a drive for innovation, crafting a suite of products that embody the pinnacle of performance and durability. We understand the challenges you face on the floor, and we’ve designed solutions that rise to meet those challenges head-on.

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Connect with our sales team today and let’s discuss how our custom-tailored equipment can revolutionize your gym flooring projects. At Court-Side Equipment, we pledge to provide you with an unparalleled, personalized experience, ensuring you have the tools to exceed your craftsmanship goals.